Race and Religious is a truly unique wedding venue in New Orleans. It is the perfect spot for a destination wedding because of the charm and character blossoming from this historic space. Ashley and Levi knew they wanted good food, good alcohol, and a GOOD time for their family and friends. Well, check mate. Cause […]

The Place at Tyler in Dallas, Texas was the perfect spot for Makayla and Sam to celebrate their monochrome, joyful, cheeky, emotional day. From the very start of the rehearsal dinner, I knew it was gonna be so good. These two have such a beautiful presence about them. Everything about their day was so touching. […]

Andrea and Mac choose to have a New Orleans destination wedding and to host their epic party at Il Mercado. As soon as I walked into Andrea’s hotel room to meet her for the first time, we hugged, jumped up and down, and started squealing! I instantly knew, ohhh THIS is gonna be a good […]

Just a classic, artsy, Hammond back yard wedding of two of the coolest, sweetest, down to earth babes I know. After having to reschedule their wedding TWICE because of covid, they totally rolled with the punches and made their day AMAZING. I am not joking when I say we were literally counting down the days […]

Hello my sweet friends, These guys were the perfect example of working with your wedding photographer to get the photos you want. When they booked me, they had already set their ceremony and reception times. But after hearing me out, we worked together to change around their timeline to get the best light and photos […]

One of my favorite things about shooting New Orleans destination weddings is that people come from all over the world to celebrate their loved ones. New Orleans has this way about it that no matter where you come from, it has a way of whispering right to your soul- you’re home. I think that is […]

Ohh, these sweet, free spirited, sailboat livin’ love birds. Yes, they are as loving as they seem. Eli and Malory decided to have a sweet private ceremony with just their families followed by dinner with their families on a boat AND a reception the next day with their family and friends. It was perfect and […]

Hello our sweet friends! It has been nearly a year since I had that ah-ha! moment. We had been brainstorming for months about our new name but nothing really fit. Then there I was having one of those deep shower conversations with myself when it hit me- The Masters in Love! I grabbed by phone with […]

The Pharmacy Museum & Cane and Table could not have been more perfect venues for this New Orleans destination wedding. When two pharmacists fall in love and head to New Orleans to get married where do you think they tie the knot? The Pharmacy Museum of course! These two thought the idea was a little […]

I first met Kristel and Sean when they came down to New Orleans for their engagement shoot. We had SO MUCH FUN at the session that by the end we were so sad to see each other go! I remember them telling me that they wish I could come up and officiate the ceremony. We […]

Oh, the sweet rolling hills at the White Magnolia. I love this sweet little venue in south Louisiana.  Sierra and Kerry had a moving ceremony on a long, hot day- but I am surely not complaining. Long summer days are some of my favorites. I am so happy I get to be a part of […]

Maria Jose and Jacob wed on a December day with the sky silvery, and the air balmy and still. They looked at each other with wistful wonder. Loving each other with a childlike acceptance and profound humility.    This wedding was one of the most traditional weddings we have ever done. We don’t do many “traditional” […]

Wow, wow! I  LOVE Spring weddings!This was seriously such an amazing day. Mandy and Mike have such a beautiful story, and watching them commit their lives to each other was such an honor. You could just feel the love of God so present through the entire day. Gosh, these beautiful people are just so special! Take […]

If I had to sum up this day in a few words: Vibrant, warm, emotional.  I had never met these two before their wedding day, but when we finally met it was like we had known each other for years. Their day flowed so seamlessly and beautifully.Their second line was after their ceremony and cocktail […]

Alex and Maria! Oh my! Where do I begin? These two are just gentle, joyful souls. You could see their touch in every part of their wedding day. It was just infused with family, love, and individuality. They wanted a celebration, and they definitely got one! While editing I was pretty much either smiling or about […]

Alexis and Kennon married last December, and when I ran across their photos again I wondered why I never blogged this amazing wedding! After their first look, we went out to the giant field next to the White Magnolia. We explored and took some amazing wedding portraits as the golden sun warmed us up. Reflecting […]

Well folks, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that Savannah and Mims are two of the most romanic kissers I have ever photographed. Ha!  Is it weird to say that I could just stare at them?! I feel like I am watching a romantic comedy. I mean, just look at Mims’ smile- […]

I just love these guys. They made us feel so at home. When they invited us to stay and dance at the end of our 9 hour day (with another wedding the following day), we couldn’t say no. We had become like family, and it felt to good to just celebrate with them. I am telling […]

Peyton and Holly’s wedding day was quiet, sweet, and slow. Their Christmas backyard wedding was just beautiful. Despite cloudy skies, the rain held off for ceremony and entire reception (and made for some moody, intimate pics- so not mad about that one bit!) We ate donuts, drank coffee, and just celebrated love. It was a grand […]

I can’t really explain the electric, contagious joy that was present this day. Being with these photos made me feel like I was right back there with Anna and Mayer. I edited this wedding with a goofy smile on my face the whole time.  There were people from all over. We were from different states, had […]

press play // scroll on It was one of those sunny Louisiana afternoons when water hung low in the air and wrapped its arms around you. The humidity lending an unspoken sense of intimacy among us. With sticky skin and sparkling eyes, we watched as Tyler as Faith exchanged subtle glances,  unabashed grins, and promises of forever.   […]

“let’s chase all our big dreams / through open fields and over seas / where you are is where I wanna be / forever isn’t too long / when I’m right where I belong / oo baby this love is strong.”   There is something about Ryan & Jordan. Their love is full of giddiness, tenderness, […]

THESE GUYS.it was a day filled with kisses, hugs, belly laughs, and tears (the good kind). Devin and I loved photographing every second of this wedding. Rachael is a silly, tender, intuitive, and crazy loving soul.  Jonathan is a passionate, goofy, honest man with the sweetest eyes for his gal. Their wedding was simple & sappy- […]

The ofRen team has officially expanded.  I am so exited to share with you all that Devin is now my full time second shooter!!! His last day at his previous job was about three weeks ago.It still kind of seems like a dream. I started training Devin less than a year ago, and WOW. I […]

 My favorite thing about this wedding is all the little things that “went wrong.” Weird right? Well, let me explain. Whitley and Josh had an incredible DIY wedding in the backyard of Josh’s parent’s house. They are just about some of the realest people I know. They are fiercely loyal and loving. They know how […]

There are things that we encounter in this life that unequivocally, profoundly move us. Sometimes it is a line in an old book, a familiar smell that brings the tender feeling of nostalgia, watching a couple in love, and sometimes, a photograph. It does more than inspire, it changes something deep within you.  It shifts […]

It was a chilly day in November, the kind of chilly where the beaming sun touches everything and warms you straight to the heart.  The kind of day that makes you feel like you could do anything.  It was a month ago this day, and it was the day Shelby and Logan officially made a […]