We want you to focus more on preparing for your marriage than your wedding. 

We get it.

The pressure of everything being "just right" at your wedding is real. You are flooded with Pinterest perfect days and ideals. 

Weddings are sacred, beautiful, and incredible! 

But while your wedding day is simply a day, your marriage is for a lifetime. 

We want to do our part in making sure that it is as  enjoyable, fun, and life-giving as it was created to be. 

Let's learn to love better, stronger, more. 

Here are some resources that we believe will equip you with incredible wisdom and insight into building a beautiful marriage. 

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This book changed alot about the way I view love and marriage! I cannot recommend it enough. It was actually given to us by a couple after shooting their engagement session. We starting talking about love and marriage when she reached into her car and handed me this book. I am so grateful for that moment! This book has helped me learn how to remain calm during conflicts and has given me a new view of what love means.

Beating 50 Percent is a website created by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff stating,
"Our mission in life, and on this blog is to do and be all things that cultivate covenant marriages. We aim to give more than 50% effort into our marriage.  To live a life Beating 50 Percent is our mission."

A week long marriage challenge created by the folks over at Beating 50 Percent. Each day you get a text sent to your phone with an assignment for the day to help you build a better marriage. 

Do you and your boo know each others love languages? If not, head over to this site and take the test! It only takes a couple of minutes. The more we know about ourselves and each other, the better we can understand each other. It is invaluable in learning how to love your partner in the best ways. Even if you have taken the quiz before, take it again! Our love languages can change over time. 

I highly recommend going through a premarital course with a couple who have a marriage that you admire and respect. This book is an amazing accompaniment to that, and also has also been called "practically a self-guided premarital counseling course." Seriously, SO SO good!

Remember the 5 Love Languages? Yea, this is pretty much that on steroids. His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage will open your eyes to so much. While reading I kept thinking, "WHAT?! I am not the only one?!" 

Please let me know if any of these resources are valuable to you! If you have any resources (books, vlogs, or websites) to suggest, I would love to hear about them! Don’t forget to sign up for the news letter at the bottom of this page for more content!

We love and believe in you guys!