new orleans Wedding and lifestyle Photographer

here to celebrate  YOU.

You want to get caught up in the all the giddy, glorious, love filled moments- 
you can trust us to capture that goodness as it happens. 

Cause yall, your wedding and family photos should be FUN! Celebrating your love and spending time with the people you love is what its allll about. 

You can show up as yourself. Forget the pressure. Forget the photos.
We won't worry about trying to force a moment- you want the real stuff. We value celebration over production- always. 

You will be captured in a beautiful and honest way- that is our honor and our promise.

Perfection is not our standard. 
Love is always the goal.

from weddings & couples to family & lifestyle,
Catherine & Devin Masters

meet your photographers,
the artists,
your new friends

South Louisiana Photographers Located In a sweet little town outside of new orleans- livin' the dream with a messy lil garden in the backyard and our two darling daughters.

salut, cheers!

We are so happy you are here cause that means you have somethin' real good going on! 
You are likely either planning a wedding, starting a family, or just looking to have your beautiful life documented in a meaningful way.

If you long for an experience that feels so much less like "taking photos" & so much more like actual living, then you are in the right place. 
Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Even though I hadn’t met them until our wedding, their warm, enthusiastic, and genuine personalities made me feel like I’ve known them for a long time. They made everyone comfortable and got us all to smile. We were so incredibly impressed, overjoyed, and over the moon with their process and work



Emily and Nial

Catherine made us feel so comfortable even though posing for lovey dovey photos is NOT for us.  Our pictures are incredible and we will truly cherish them forever. 



Lauren + Richard

You feel 100% at ease to be yourself & not like you're being followed by paparazzi.



Marissa and Chad


You are the star of the show,
 and you better believe we are there help you shine real bright. 



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cause your gonna wanna relive every bit of joy and cheer again and again.

so take a deep breath. 
no stress, 
no stuffy poses. 
just love. 

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