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here to celebrate  YOU.

lets do this!

Yall, your wedding should be FUN! So let's slow down and do this thing right.
If you value celebration over production, then you are our kind of people. 
You are as unique as your love story, so there is no pressure to show up as any one else but yourselves. 
It is our honor to capture you in a beautiful and honest way. 
Perfection is not our standard. 
Love is always the goal.

Catherine & Devin Masters

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Located In a sweet little town outside of new orleans

Even though I hadn’t met them until our wedding, their warm, enthusiastic, and genuine personalities made me feel like I’ve known them for a long time. They made everyone comfortable and got us all to smile. We were so incredibly impressed, overjoyed, and over the moon with their process and work



Emily and Nial

Catherine made us feel so comfortable even though posing for lovey dovey photos is NOT for us.  Our pictures are incredible and we will truly cherish them forever. 



Lauren + Richard

You feel 100% at ease to be yourself & not like you're being followed by paparazzi.



Marissa and Chad

cause your gonna wanna relive every bit of joy and cheer again and again.

so take a deep breath. 
no stress, 
no stuffy poses. 
just love. 

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