February 20, 2018

Catherine Masters

Marissa and Brian at Race and Religious

If I had to sum up this day in a few words:

Vibrant, warm, emotional. 

I had never met these two before their wedding day, but when we finally met it was like we had known each other for years. Their day flowed so seamlessly and beautifully.
Their second line was after their ceremony and cocktail hour, right before the real partying began- wow, can I just say it was the perfect time for it!? 

The sun was just about to sink beneath the horizon as almost everyone there experienced a second line for the first time. The melody cheerfully lifting everyone down the street. It was like we were all just floating on all the long notes played by the brass band. 

When we reached the end of the street, we were all drenched in the last bit of golden sunlight. There was so much laughter, so much joy. Heads were thrown back in abandon. 

Brian told me and Marissa after that being out there, surrounded by the music, his loved ones, and the sun setting behind him were some of the happiest and most magical of his life. 

I hope you can feel a little bit of that as you view their photos. They are really special people. 

– Wedding Planner: Mint Julep Productions
– Hair & Makeup: Flawless Bride
– Florist: Bride’s Mom! (Agnes Dickow) “We’ve been working on the designs together! My friend Kristin Schiedt is a licensed florist who my  mom has been consulting with re: wholesalers. It’s been a special collaboration.”
– Dj/Band: DJ Matty
– Caterer: Crabby Jack’s
– Decor rental: Distressed Rentals



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