We live our lives serving and seeking.

We have built our life around serving others.

Empowering marriages on wedding days, creating community through our coffee roasting business, and leading worship at our church. We love people fiercely, and show it by serving them with excellence and transparency.
Connecting with our couples is essential to how we work.

If you think of your wedding day as the most important day of your life,

we would disagree.

Wedding days are profoundly sacred to us because of where they lead. We see your wedding as the start,
not the destination.



Seeking joy and adventure in the everyday.

To us, adventure isn’t just about traveling (which we love).
It is about seeking joy in the day to day.
From going to a new place, riding bikes through our neighborhood, renovating our airstream for full time living, or just simply waking up every day and learning how to love each other.
We try to focus on what is important to us, and let the rest go.

Life isn’t just about the mountaintops and valleys, but it is mostly made up of everything that happens in between. We try to make that in between as joy & love filled as possible.

// We really love people, marriage, and life.
// Our source of joy and peace comes from Jesus
// Sharing the good and sometimes the bad is important to us because we grow through the tough moments. We want to grow together. (Follow us on Instagram to get in on that action.)

Perfection is not our standard. Love is always the goal.


Here are resources that helped us grow in our marriage