April 16, 2016

Catherine Masters

Mountaintop Elopement Inspiration

There are things that we encounter in this life that unequivocally, profoundly move us. Sometimes it is a line in an old book, a familiar smell that brings the tender feeling of nostalgia, watching a couple in love, and sometimes, a photograph. It does more than inspire, it changes something deep within you.  It shifts a long held belief or perspective.  It is my hope that my work does this for someone.
Being in the wedding industry, it is so easy to see that far too often weddings become about everything except the couple getting married, their love for each other, and the beautiful road ahead of them. I love the fact that more and more couples are straying from tradition and really seeking out a wedding that truly represents and ultimately inspires them. That is part of why I love elopements. 
In a way, I see elopements as a way for brides and grooms to take back what it means to get married. While it is not the only way, it is certainly is a wildly awesome and adventurous way to do so. But let’s be real, breaking tradition can be little scary. Often times there is pressure coming from a lot of different places. There is much greater uncertainly when following a path less traveled, but even more room for excitement.

So I wanted to lend inspiration to those desiring something different.

This inspiration shoot features a real, head over heels, married couple, Kaitlyn and Jake. I photographed their wedding last August in New Orleans right before they moved to Arkansas. When I planned a trip to visit them in their new home, I knew I wanted to get them dressed up in their wedding clothes and photograph them in a way that symbolized their new life together. The cliff at Whitaker Point was the perfect spot for our adventure.

I also knew that I wanted these photos to be about more than just the two of them. Something happens when you are able to see a glimpse of what you are longing for in a photo. It becomes a reality. To see that it is possible, and not only possible but stunning, beautiful, and magical.




So the question that remains is… who is coming to the mountains with me to elope (or renew vows)? ;] Let’s go.


Bouquet: Pigment Flowers and Fun

Silk Ribbon: Shindig Paperie

Thank you to Kaitlyn and Jake for being so hot and in love. 

& thanks so my hottie hubs for shooting with me! 

I love you all so much!!!

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  1. Madison Claudel says:

    My breath was literally taken away about 3-4 times going through these!

  2. Myra Cottrell says:

    Wow! Blessed to be the step-mother-
    in-law to these twenty beautiful souls….