September 4, 2020

Catherine Masters

Maudie and Justin’s Hammond Backyard Wedding

Just a classic, artsy, Hammond back yard wedding of two of the coolest, sweetest, down to earth babes I know.
After having to reschedule their wedding TWICE because of covid, they totally rolled with the punches and made their day AMAZING. I am not joking when I say we were literally counting down the days waiting to hear if we would have to make any more changes to their day. Maude told me, I don’t care if it is just you and us at this point. IT IS HAPPENING. haha! But the day came and we even avoided the rain!
I remember Maudie telling me at the reception about Justin, “He’s just a good time gal.”
And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it while editing. Haha!

I’m gonna share a mix of digital and film photos in this blog. Maudie even gave us an old expired roll to shoot at the wedding! Its a mix of TMax 400, Portra 400, and Color Implosion (haha! They all came out purple, and I turned them black and white cause I can, lol!)
Yall, THEY R SO CUTE, look!!



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