July 25, 2017

Catherine Masters

a romantic lovers’ day, Savannah and Mims

Well folks, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that Savannah and Mims are two of the most romanic kissers I have ever photographed. Ha! 

Is it weird to say that I could just stare at them?! I feel like I am watching a romantic comedy. I mean, just look at Mims’ smile- they call it “Mimsface, and I think that is the cutest thing ever! And look at how she looks at him. 

There was so much warmth present on this day- and not just the Louisiana humidity that blew through heavy and sweet through the mossy oaks. 

– Videographer: Bower Productions
– Hair: Amanda Chiasson
– Makeup artist: Dazzle Doll (Brittany)
– Florist: Margaret @ Leaf + Petal
– Invitation suite: Emmalie @ Crop Paper Scissors
– Cake: Melissa‚Äôs Fine Pastries
– Dj/Band/Second line band: : Louisiana Spice



I love you all so much!

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