January 2, 2017

Catherine Masters

Joyful New Orleans Race and Religious Wedding

I can’t really explain the electric, contagious joy that was present this day. Being with these photos made me feel like I was right back there with Anna and Mayer. I edited this wedding with a goofy smile on my face the whole time. 

There were people from all over.

We were from different states, had different backgrounds, held different beliefs, and yet, this surreal sense of warm togetherness hung over us. It was like we were one, all gathered together for one purpose: to celebrate love. And woah, it was powerful. 

When we show up, we don’t just photograph and leave. I am present for each moment. Not physically, but emotionally and spiritually present. I can’t help it. Hugging guests like long lost friends. Cuttin’ up on the dance floor. It fuels my creativity and passion. I am so thankful for couples who trust and love us like we love them! It’s all about family, yall. <3

So check out these hotties and their star-bright love. (P.S. longest blog ever, not sorry. hehe.)

The other rockin’ vendors:
Band- Panorama Jazz Band of New Orleans
Makeup- Christine Fitzpatrick
Florist- Pistil & Stamen Flower Farm and Studio
Cakes and desserts- Girls Gone Vegan
Venue- Race & Religious



Thanks for stopping by. We love you guys! 




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  1. Post Cards says:

    Stunning couple! great photos. Lots of vibe conveyed. Thanks for posting.