July 6, 2016

Catherine Masters

Graciela and Connor’s DIY Woodland Wedding

The ofRen team has officially expanded. 

I am so exited to share with you all that Devin is now my full time second shooter!!!

His last day at his previous job was about three weeks ago.
It still kind of seems like a dream.

I started training Devin less than a year ago, and WOW. I was constantly amazed. He is so creative and intuitive that he picked it up so quickly. (He has actually taught me things….um, WHAT.)
When he felt ready all I had to say was, 

Some people make jokes to him about his wife being his boss,
but I think having the person who loves you most in the world as your boss is a pretty sweet gig. 

It makes what I do easier and more enjoyable. He knows how I flow, and I know how he flows. I like to think we are making shooting weddings together a pretty seamless process. 

In his spare time he will be doing all the other cool/ amazing things that I still can’t really believe he is so good at such as: playing and writing music, doing some wood working, welding & working on his drift car (AKA- lil’ baby), and working on some new business adventures we have brewing! 

Here is the most recent wedding we have done together.  

(P.S I totally didn’t mean to drag this announcement out. Honestly a little embarrassed- oops. Every time I sat down to write about it, the words just weren’t right. So I wrote a poem, and my writer’s block was gone. HALLELUJAH.)

Graciela and Connor are our really great friends, and their wedding was simply spectacular.  

Totally DIY. Gracie is such a talented artist, so it was done SO WELL.

Connor was one of the most joyful, radiant grooms I have ever seen. 

Yes, I said radiant. 

When he smiled, he quite literally seemed to light up.
It was something so special.

And Graciela was so at peace. So filled with this divine wonder. 
So graceful. Gracie’s name is so fitting for her. 

Obviously, they are extremely good looking & attractive people, I am talking about something more than that. I am speaking of their spirits.

It was an honor for us to be such a special part of their day. 
Take a look.

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  1. Myranda says:

    OMG Cat!! I feel like I was there! Such amazing photos!

  2. Megan says:

    Incredible work!