June 28, 2016

Catherine Masters

Whitley and Josh’s Backyard Wedding

 My favorite thing about this wedding is all the little things that “went wrong.”

Weird right? Well, let me explain.

Whitley and Josh had an incredible DIY wedding in the backyard of Josh’s parent’s house.

They are just about some of the realest people I know.

They are fiercely loyal and loving.

They know how to laugh. They know how to cry.

They are HILARIOUS and so freakin’ fun loving.

I just love it.

During the ceremony, there were iPad glitches, some forgotten words, and Josh’s parent’s WEENIE DOG RANDOMLY WALKED UP THE ISLE IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING. 

It was just perfect. I loved every moment because I knew that those things only made it even more tender and real for Josh and Whitley. 

You see, those moments make room for the real stuff. 

When everyone is laughing together, you feel a little more safe to tear up together.

It just makes it feel like family. 

Please, take a listen, scroll on, and feel the feels. <3



There is so much more I could say about why this wedding was just so meaningful and special to me and to my business. 

When you meet for the first time, and it instantly becomes,
“You guys are friends.”

You know it is gonna be good. And man. It really was.


I love you guys so very much.


xo, Catherine

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