June 20, 2018

Catherine Masters

Maria Jose and Jacob

Maria Jose and Jacob wed on a December day with the sky silvery, and the air balmy and still.

They looked at each other with wistful wonder. Loving each other with a childlike acceptance and profound humility.   

This wedding was one of the most traditional weddings we have ever done. We don’t do many “traditional” weddings because honestly tradition for the sake of tradition is not what we are about. We choose personal over production any day. BUT, there is something so beautiful in seeing tradition that is woven so deeply, treasured so earnestly, and held so sacredly. It is not about the motions or the show, but it is about the connection to the practice that makes it valuable. It takes on life and breath. It becomes more than tradition. It becomes a foundation. 

Looking back on this day, I feel like I am stepping inside of  Jane Eyre or some gothic romance novel. Such beauty and longing. The church even had an air of mystery to it. You will see in the photos that the walls almost have a dotted texture to them. This is only because the church is under renovation, and the walls had been stripped. It was only after they began this process that they discovered something. If you look closely you will see gold Latin text on the walls of this church. Anyone who knew it was there had long past away. It was a delightful surprise. 

After they exchanged vows, we experienced our first full Latin Mass. We then got to spend an hour exploring and taking portraits on the grounds of an old mansion. As it began to lightly sprinkle, we ran inside to seek cover and marvel at the beauty of the old house.
Having time set aside for moments like these are invaluable , and I am always SO beyond grateful when my couples honor that. 

Ceremony: The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Reception: Calcasieu Marine National Bank
– Makeup artist: Emily Reeves
– Florist: Grandma’s Garden
– Cake: Pronia’s

Thank you and I love you all so much!




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