December 20, 2015

Catherine Masters

Shelby and Logan’s Wedding

It was a chilly day in November,

the kind of chilly where the beaming sun touches everything

and warms you straight to the heart. 

The kind of day that makes you feel like you could do anything. 

It was a month ago this day,

and it was the day Shelby and Logan officially made a home for one another in their hearts. 

I think that photographs are powerful, and looking at photographs full of life and merriment are good for the soul. 

It is like hot chocolate or fuzzy socks, it just warms your heart. So I wanted to send you all into the week of Christmas with some warmth. 

May the joy, love, and excitement of this past month, be but a mere glimpse of what is ahead for you two. 



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Second shooter: Darian Tarver

Ceremony / Reception: The Berry Barn

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