Race and Religious is a truly unique wedding venue in New Orleans. It is the perfect spot for a destination wedding because of the charm and character blossoming from this historic space. Ashley and Levi knew they wanted good food, good alcohol, and a GOOD time for their family and friends. Well, check mate. Cause […]

Villa Barberino in Tuscany took our breaths away from the first second we arrived. Here are some photos that for some reason I have kept hidden away…. but these two are too sweet to keep to myself. Enjoy!    

Hey sweet friends! I don’t know why I have been holding on to these for so long because Libby and Andrew’s chemistry is just amazing! They drove out to Percy Quin where Devin and I were camping for their engagement shoot, and YALL! It was so amazing. Afterwards, we grilled hamburgers and corn over the […]

Picture this: Devin and I in the back seat of Lauren and Albert’s car…with two of the biggest balloons I have ever seen! HAHHH! We were so squished,  and so so happy to be capturing the love between these special people.Yall, we had a blast going all over the city with these two. They knew […]

Drenched in sunshine. Lost in the woods. Full of love.Oh you know, just the way I like it! We had so much fun with these guys. There love is so sweet & special. I’m pretty sure we laughed the whole session- which is just how things should be. I hope these make you smile. <3 […]

Shoots like these have got to be one of the the easiest, sweetest part of my job. I LOVE engagement sessions. Why? Because I can go into them without an agenda. I can let my couples take the lead and just love each other. It allows me to learn how they love, how they interact, how […]

These two had me singing and squealing with joy throughout their entire session. We had so much FUN. Constantly being around love like this makes me better. I am keeping this intro short cause there are SO MANY images. hehe. I couldn’t help myself! I think you will see why. Their love is so beautiful.  […]

Complete trust.  That is what I felt all throughout this session. When you get a connection like that, the creativity and love just flow so easy. My advice to all couples: Find a photographer that you TRUST. Whoever that is for you. There are so many talented photographers out there. When you find the one […]

When Brook first told me about her location idea, I WAS STOKED. I started imagining all the dreamy pics we would take there, but I really could not have anticipated how special this session would be to me. Their love is so candid, steady, and refreshing.   We took our time and explored. The land […]

Melissa and Josh officially met for the first time at our wedding, so needless to say this session was super special to us! We loved getting to see how they love and care for each other. I’m pretty sure we were all just cracking up the entire session.Ones like this are good for the soul, […]

Say hey to one of our favorite engagement sessions + couples, ever.  In February we get to venture along side them to Glacier Park in Montana and stand with them as they say “I do.” It will be just us, Cait & Josh, and their officiant standing in the freezing snow getting teary eyed and […]

My business is going through a time of transition. A time of deep reflection and processing.  I have always cared about each couple and person I photograph so deeply, but I have begun expressing it in a different, bolder, and more intentional way- and it truly excites me to the core.  I attended a the […]

I met Amanda and Drew at there sweet little home hidden in a row of bamboo. With wooden floors that  give a little under your feet, and crisp marble counter tops, a charming little home it was indeed.  We chatted in the kitchen. We walked down to their favorite local coffee shop and drank cafe […]