April 1, 2016

Catherine Masters

Jordan and Ryan’s Engagement Session

My business is going through a time of transition. A time of deep reflection and processing. 

I have always cared about each couple and person I photograph so deeply, but I have begun expressing it in a different, bolder, and more intentional way- and it truly excites me to the core. 

I attended a the Love is a Big Deal workshop in good ole’ Nashville in February, and it just set my heart aflame. Gave me greater vision, ideas, and insight. All things that are making ofRen something I am even more proud of. 

As I have said so many times before, I am not in this to make a living, this is my life. Something that my soul feels so acutely drawn to.

When I am with my couples, my heart feels like it is blooming inside my chest. My pulse quickens and yet I feel such a dense peace in my being. 

Can I be honest and say that it isn’t even about the photos? 

I mean, it is a little bit. But it is more about the process & the effects. 

I am in this to change lives. To help the love before me grow and bloom, much like my heart, and to help the roots of that love to grow even more deeply entwined.

But, more on that later. Check out these hotties. They were so real & vulnerable with me.





From Jordan,

“There’s something special about my Ryan. I’ve never been so in love or so happy in my entire life. This was very evident at our engagement shoot…specifically toward the end when I started crying thinking about just how much I care about him. There’s something truly wonderful about being brought to tears over the overwhelming feeling of love.”


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  1. Amy Churchman says:

    Wow!!! Beautiful pictures of two gorgeous people.

  2. Sandra Duplantis says:

    I am so happy for you both. Finding true love is such a beautiful thing., and I know that you two have this. I can’t wait for the day to come as you become husband and wife. Love you both so much! MawMaw

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