July 25, 2017

Catherine Masters

sidney and chris with cotton candy skies.

Shoots like these have got to be one of the the easiest, sweetest part of my job. I LOVE engagement sessions. 
Why? Because I can go into them without an agenda. I can let my couples take the lead and just love each other. It allows me to learn how they love, how they interact, how they move with each other. I get to learn when to lead, when to sit back.
It makes it so much easier for me to create this same feel on an actual wedding day even when there is a timeline, pressure, and maybe even some anxiousness. 
One of my BIGGEST goals on a wedding day is to create a space & time when my couple feels relaxed & in tune with each other. 
To allow time for the to breathe, to look into each others eyes, and to celebrate in their own way- just the two of them.
This is always during portraits and why I always stress to my couples that they will want a good lil chunk of time for portraits! It isn’t just about photos but it is about letting those emotions flow through you and concentrating on feeling each one- it is your wedding day!

So go ahead and take a look at how Sidney and Chris just rocked their engagement session. Their love was so easy. So relaxed and happy. I loved every second. <3

I love you guys SO SO much! 

Until next time,


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