June 19, 2018

Catherine Masters

Lauren and Albert in New Orleans

Picture this: Devin and I in the back seat of Lauren and Albert’s car…with two of the biggest balloons I have ever seen! HAHHH! We were so squished,  and so so happy to be capturing the love between these special people.
Yall, we had a blast going all over the city with these two. They knew they wanted to take their time, so we went with my three hour session- the adventure session. And I am SO glad we did. We got to relax and really enjoy ourselves. I always recommend more time- built into sessions, wedding timelines, and even family lifestyle sessions.
Just a little extra breathing room, and I often times use it for just that-
time to take a breath.
To slow down.
To laugh a little harder.
& love a little deeper. 

Thank you so much for being here. I love you and appreciate you SO much!



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