Andrea and Mac choose to have a New Orleans destination wedding and to host their epic party at Il Mercado. As soon as I walked into Andrea’s hotel room to meet her for the first time, we hugged, jumped up and down, and started squealing! I instantly knew, ohhh THIS is gonna be a good […]

Just a classic, artsy, Hammond back yard wedding of two of the coolest, sweetest, down to earth babes I know. After having to reschedule their wedding TWICE because of covid, they totally rolled with the punches and made their day AMAZING. I am not joking when I say we were literally counting down the days […]

One of my favorite things about shooting New Orleans destination weddings is that people come from all over the world to celebrate their loved ones. New Orleans has this way about it that no matter where you come from, it has a way of whispering right to your soul- you’re home. I think that is […]

Ohh, these sweet, free spirited, sailboat livin’ love birds. Yes, they are as loving as they seem. Eli and Malory decided to have a sweet private ceremony with just their families followed by dinner with their families on a boat AND a reception the next day with their family and friends. It was perfect and […]

My Birth Story As my fourth trimester has came to a close, I began to write my birth story. Now I decided it is time for me to share it! So here it goes.  (Just so you know who is who, this was my team! Devin- obviously! Whitney-my doula, Sherri-my midwife, Lauren and Emma- my […]

Ohhh, sweet Tuscany. Sweet Lauren and Emma Kate. I am not sure why I have sat on my images from our Italy trip, but I am so excited to share this mommy and me session. As alot of you know, Lauren and Emma are like our family so these past few months have been really […]

Villa Barberino in Tuscany took our breaths away from the first second we arrived. Here are some photos that for some reason I have kept hidden away…. but these two are too sweet to keep to myself. Enjoy!    

Hey sweet friends! I don’t know why I have been holding on to these for so long because Libby and Andrew’s chemistry is just amazing! They drove out to Percy Quin where Devin and I were camping for their engagement shoot, and YALL! It was so amazing. Afterwards, we grilled hamburgers and corn over the […]

You won’t always have a professional photographer to capture and edit photos of those everyday magical moments, but it doesn’t make them any less precious. We want to teach you how to give your photos an extra little punch for sharing and printing! Ready?! Let’s learn! Today we want to share how we edit our […]

Hello our sweet friends! It has been nearly a year since I had that ah-ha! moment. We had been brainstorming for months about our new name but nothing really fit. Then there I was having one of those deep shower conversations with myself when it hit me- The Masters in Love! I grabbed by phone with […]

When I met Amanda at a workout class almost three years ago, I knew we were going to be friends. I walked up to her and just told her how cute and cool she looked. We were instantly friends! She is one of the most talented, kind, and loving souls I have ever met. I […]

Drenched in sunshine. Lost in the woods. Full of love.Oh you know, just the way I like it! We had so much fun with these guys. There love is so sweet & special. I’m pretty sure we laughed the whole session- which is just how things should be. I hope these make you smile. <3 […]