HEY! This post if for my mamas or friends of new moms who want to get them something they need! It gets REAL. So there is your warning. Haha! Also, alot of these are breast feeding tips because that is what I did! Bamboobies- These are pads that you put in your bra to keep […]

My Birth Story As my fourth trimester has came to a close, I began to write my birth story. Now I decided it is time for me to share it! So here it goes.  (Just so you know who is who, this was my team! Devin- obviously! Whitney-my doula, Sherri-my midwife, Lauren and Emma- my […]

Hello our sweet friends! It has been nearly a year since I had that ah-ha! moment. We had been brainstorming for months about our new name but nothing really fit. Then there I was having one of those deep shower conversations with myself when it hit me- The Masters in Love! I grabbed by phone with […]

Oh hello there! I am so excited to finally blog our trip to Madrid and Paris back in November! I am starting off this blog with Devin’s first roll of professional film (I even included some mess ups because I think they are cool. Haha!) We spent three days between the two cities with two […]

  Santorini was one of those destinations that will always feel like an otherworldly, magical place. We took this trip in June, and it is still hard to describe how beautiful it was. It was the perfect balance of a romantic get away and an adventurous vacation with our best bud, Lauren Carroll! Y’all, there […]

Are we building homes or are we too busy peering into the windows of everyone else’s? They say the grass is greener where you water it, but I don’t want grass that just looks green. I want grass that smells sweet and familiar from all the times I pressed my face upon its grassy pillows.  […]

I think everyone needs time to recharge their creativity- no matter what their season in life or occupation. Sometimes that looks like taking a walk in morning before the heat of the day sets in. Chatting with a friend over a cafĂ© au lait. Or reading old journal pages you struggle to decipher because of the passion and […]

As Devin and I began to dream about our wedding, there was one thing that was abundantly clear to the both of us: we did not want a long engagement. Though the more we looked, the more intimidating roadblocks we found in our way.  Our wallets told us our budget was about $0. The forecast […]