February 2, 2016

Catherine Masters

Welcome to my home.

Are we building homes or are we too busy peering into the windows of everyone else’s?

They say the grass is greener where you water it, but I don’t want grass that just looks green.

I want grass that smells sweet and familiar from all the times I pressed my face upon its grassy pillows. 

I don’t want to forget my lawn, and get caught up in the cool things.

Having a cool instagram is cool.

Being too cool for instagram is cool.

Having a cool instagram, but while acknowledging that you are too cool for instagram is-

We don’t count the cost.
We balance our facades against the weight of our hearts and what they beat for. 

Can we just let our hearts beat for joy,

and let our joy be so fat and plump that it breaks the scale?

Can we make things beautiful for the sake of beauty

and share things with each other for the sake of the beauty of sharing?

-and just stop talking about it. Dang. 

Let’s build homes with open doors and windows that people can climb into. 

Would you sit at my table?

Can I throw my arms around your neck?

I want to tell you that you are beautiful in the way I say “I love you.” 

“Would you like cream and sugar?” 

“Please have a cookie.”

I believe that life is worth living in a way that excites you. 

A home is worth building. 

Dreams are worth chasing and passions investing in. 

True love, the real, violently beautiful in the best way, kinda love is worth waiting for. 




Wow, I love you all so much. Thank you for taking the time to look through my lens and allowing me to share my heart and life with you. 



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  1. Victoria Vick says:

    Your words are as beautiful as you are! It’s almost as if I can hear the beat of your heart with every word. You are magnificent.
    With love,
    – Victoria