October 30, 2015

Catherine Masters

It’s a beautiful morning.

It is not bricks or wooden beams or nails that make a home. 
It is not the roof, the front door, or even the welcome rug. 

These things make a house. 

But there is something very special about what makes a house, a home. 

It is the etherial, magical things that make a home from what was a mere house.

It is the morning rituals.

The three year old saying “COFFEEEEE” through squinted eyes and a great big smile. 

It is the little kisses.

The family fist bumps (um, get real- SO cute).

Sweet eyes peaking under bangs and over a mug.

Graham cracker crumbs on the night stand.

Mom and Dad stealing kisses and holding hands.

It is the love than hangs in the air like fresh morning dew.

The kind that makes you feel like all in the world is good. 


The Cooks have been in this house for almost a year now, and from the moment you walk in the door and the smell of fresh roasted southern pecan coffee hits your nose, it is clear that it took no time to transform this house into a beautiful, welcoming home



I had such a blast getting to photograph this awesome family. 
They are fun. And totally sweet. And also made me a ham and cheese sandwich cut into triangles after. Yeah, this shoot was that good.

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  1. Nikki Whitehead says:

    Love this family…….what you see is who they are. Such a awesome loving couple.