June 24, 2015

Catherine Masters

A Day in the Life (Just not our own… )

So there’s this girl…

Her name is Emma Kate. With one mischievous grin, the sound of her airy, pixie-like voice, or her sweet giggle, she can turn your day from the sad kind of blue to the kind of blue you see when you dream about the ocean. 

I simply adore this little girl… and her mother, Lauren Carroll. 

I started working with Lauren at weddings almost a year ago now. From the first wedding we shot together, there was this sister-like bond that can really only be explained by a God appointed relationship. Since then, we have stood by each others sides through joys, triumphs, trials, and tears. 

So when Lauren asked if my husband, Devin, and I would want to watch Emma for a few days while she was in Italy, we were ecstatic. We love Emma, and Devin is simply incredible with her. 

 I sent Lauren TONS of phone pictures while she was gone, but I decided I wanted to document one of our afternoons together, simply a day in the life…just not our own. 

This is the result:

An Ode to Emma Kate, daughter of Lauren Carroll 

Here is where we sit, soaking up the Louisiana water that hangs in the air and say “hello” to every one that passes by.





When greeted by your smile and enthusiastic wave, no one can resist waving back. 

This is where you show your independence and strength, as you ascend, what probably seems to someone of your tiny stature, quite a treacherous climb.

This is the way you marvel at the little things, the tree branches just peaking into your view from the window or the birds as they flutter past… how you teach us to be still and take life in, even in the middle of our daily tasks, like climbing the stairs. 

This is the window you stand in-front of with anticipation as you wait for Tio Devin to get home from work.

This is how your curiosity helps you learn and grow.


This is how you show us that often things seem scarier than they really are. Sometimes, you simply need to take a second look so you don’t miss out on something wonderful. 

“Mmm… das’ good!”

This is how your playfulness gets the best of us and distracts us in the best possible way.

And this is the meal we shared together, growing in love and laughter all the while.

<3 I absolutely loved sharing this special time with all of you. 

I want to thank my husband for helping me take some of these photos and for being the most amazing Tio (or as Emma says it, “TOE!). 

It was so precious to see their bond grow. He turns into a kid when he is with Emma. It is incredibly heartwarming to watch. He will be such an incredible father to our own children one day. I am one blessed woman.  

And finally, thank you Lauren! For bringing this spectacular human into the world and giving us one of the most rewarding experiences we have had together.


P.S. This is the recipe that is depicted here: http://iwillnoteatoysters.com/fresh-soba-noodle-bowl/. 

I just kind of used what I had as far as ingredients. These types of dishes are incredibly versatile, so have fun!

Much love to you all!

From the heart,

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