We are like a good pecan pie.

but hey, not everybody likes pecans.

We aren't everyone's taste, & we think that is a good thing.

We are about celebration, not production.

We value honest, vulnerable moments over the staged stuff.


if you think your wedding day is the most IMPORTANT day of your life,

we probably are not the photographers for you.

(We see it more of the incredibly beautiful next step in the ADVENTURE of your life together. We believe your life will only go UP from here.)    

if you are searching for a photographer to be a part of your wedding because 'it's what you're supposed to do',


(We want you to be excited about creating rad photographs cause we are REALLY excited about creating rad photographs, and it feels really good to be on the same page.) 

So, Why is it a good thing you made it here?

Cause it means you care, and we do too. A whole, whole lot. 


So, what do we do?

We foster real moments, tenderness, & belly laughs (we're talking' head thrown back, kinda laughs here). 

We will tell you what to do with your hands if you really want us to, but we would rather you just go with it:

climb a mountain, give a high five, grab their face and kiss it like you mean it-cause man, you really, really do.

What we really try to do is create a space where you feel comfortable just doin' what ya' do- 

and we capture it because we believe it is beautiful. 

You see, when that happens-

there is magic.