So this is love.

Where, oh where do I begin? How can I explain my excitement about Kaitlyn and Jake's wedding tomorrow?!

You know those couples that you see together and you just think..."Yes. Yes, that is so right"...?

Well that is Kaitlyn and Jake. 

It was amazing to watch it all unfold. I lived with Kaitlyn when it all started. 

I am going to share a little bit of their story with you all. 

It started here:


Pretty weird right? HA! Well it all started when Kaitlyn asked Jake to attend a mutual friend's wedding with her. They had worked a Christian camp in Arkansas together for a few summers and Kait had a serious crush (she didn't know it then, but it was mutual). She doubled over with excited squeals when he agreed to attend and well... she jumped so high she ripped her pants. And so... it began. 

Over the next year, through the nine hour distance that separated them,  handwritten letters, hour long conversations, and weekend trips, their friendship blossomed into a beautiful love story.  that literally came together piece by piece. (more on that later when I share their wedding photos) And then this happened:

I have the honor of photographing this incredible couple's wedding in tomorrow. When they are together, they simply radiate joy, tenderness, and love. I have a feeling we are going to get some killer photos on their special day- they are some good looking people with a lot of spunk. hehe! See the rest of the photos here: