Boudoir Photography is more than meets the eye...

I have an incredible amount of passion for making others feel beautiful, and I put my full heart into what I do. 

I styled lingerie and fit bras at a quaint lingerie boutique for three years. During that time, I discovered a deep sentiment and admiration for lingerie and femininity. Surrounded by Italian lace and delicate silk, I learned the true importance of a woman's intimate wardrobe.

A woman who seemed quite unsure of herself came into the shop and began to timidly look around. I convinced her to try on a flowy, lacy chemise, and she called me in to help her adjust it. 

When she turned around to looked in the mirror, she met her own surprised eyes in the mirror. 

She looked up and down at herself and a radiant smile spread across her face....

I can’t believe it,” she whispered. “I look…pretty. I have never felt beautiful before.

That moment, filled with such power, such love, and such warmth, is one that I will never forget- and I don’t think she will either. 

It is only one example of hundreds of times I have seen a woman come alive when she saw herself in a different light. Lingerie is not just clothing- it is a celebration of self! 

That is why I love doing boudoir photography.

It is the chance for me to give women that moment, but in a way that is more than a memory. It is something they can hold in their hands and close to their hearts.

Boudoir shoots, while an unforgettable gift for your husband, is just as much as a gift for YOURSELF. <3

Being in your underwear as a stranger photographs you seems pretty intimating.

Is it weird to say that I have been with dozens of strangers (woman that is...It is the life of a bra fitter!) in their underclothes and know how to ease that awkwardness? Ha! It is funny, yet true.

I understand the vulnerability and trust that it takes. 

With unique skills and experience when it comes to lingerie and boudoir, I know how to make you FEEL and look your most beautiful. 

The shoot will be in my studio apartment located in charming, downtown Hammond.

I have has a vintage tufted sofa, cozy bed, and lots of other backdrops to create a look to match your style. With a collection of accessories, like lace black gloves and strings of pearls, I will help add the perfect touches to your look to give it that extra pop!

Don’t worry if you don't have lots of lingerie. I will work with you to create three perfect outfits...cause ya know what is really sexy? You! 

Your wedding veil, slouchy sweaters, your fiancé/husband’s button down or favorite flannel are options that are so easy yet wicked sexy. 

Send over an email or give me a call so we can chat about your shoot today! 

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