On a Tuesday.

Today is weird cause it is one of those Tuesdays that feel like a Monday. Ya know?

So I found myself taking some random photos around my sweet little apartment and thought I would share them- along with some thoughts!

Today I am:

thankful for...

Cute coffee mugs- this one in particular because it was was a "just because" gift from fellow photographer, Lauren C. 

That ofRen is busy enough that an editing marathon is greatly needed!

The thrown about throw pillows that are evidence of lunch at home with my husband.

That Harold loves his new home. 

That we have a projector instead of a TV and that watching the Walking Dead on it is AWESOME.

Um.. speaking of- Season 1 of The Walking Dead. 

Bike rides and the sun shining through my windows. 

thinking about... 

How cool Jesus is in the way that he provides for His children. 

The dirty dishes in my sink.

Making asparagus and bacon soup tomorrow. 

The silliness of myself for pondering so long how to discretely crop out my awkward arm and underarm stubble from on of my self portraits. I have always been so fond of unfocused self portraits, and I almost didn't share this one because it showed too much "self." Well, yea, that was silly cause guess what? I am a human. I grow hair. And I also laugh a lot. And have a pretty smile. And make some good food. And do some good dances. 

My deep desire for people to follow their dreams and do what they love. It is something people say all the time, but far too often something that gets pushed to the side due to fear or lack of belief in oneself. It sounds glamorous- and in a way. it is, but it is more than that. It is about trusting in God and the passion and calling that he placed inside of you. Believing in God more than your own abilities and talents.

Romans 8: 31 "If God is for us, who can ever be against us?" 

This is a scripture quoted a lot, but I think the focus tends to be put on the second part rather than the fact that God is FOR us! He is FOR us!

When you meet challenges or bumps in the road, don't always assume that this is God trying to "make your plans fail" or "send you in another direction." Always remember that there is an enemy out there that would do anything he can to take you off the path that God has for you and keep you from following the dream the Lord put inside you! 

It goes on to say, "32 Since he did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else?"

Amen! Look to Jesus to tell you what step to take next, NOT your circumstances or problems. They are not your God. They will always lead you astray. 

Man, I got deep at the end there! WHEW!

Okay, time to edit...pictures that won't just go up on my blog- hehe!

I love you all very much.




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