Our Engagement: How do you Surprise the Queen of Surprises?


January 10, 2015- “Our parents are going to meet one day, how weird is that?” Devin says to me as we walk down the street and I impatiently tug at his hand.

“So weird” I reply as I chuckle a little inside and think to myself they are probably meeting as we speak and you have no idea! 

Thinking about the people waiting on us to surprise him, I shudder- at what he thinks is against the cold and tell him to quicken his pace.

But he lingers leisurely along the sidewalk. 

I smoothly come up with lie after lie to convince him to make a quick stop at our pastors’ house on the day that is supposed to be all about him and his birthday.

“I have him completely fooled,” I thought coolly to myself. 

When we finally arrive and walk through the doors, the lack of shock on his face is apparent. I am instantly disappointed. I think, “HOW did he know? Geez, you can at least ACT surprised for our family and friends.

Feigning excitement, I jump and scream, “I got you!!!!”

I turn and see him looking at me, our family and friends still standing there as he says, “Little did you know this was my idea

 Tears fill my eyes as I realize the profound moment that was approaching.

“Catherine Monica, I love you. Will you marry me?”

 And at that is your answer. How do you surprise the queen of surprises?

You make her think she is surprising you. 

He set up the whole thing more than a month prior when he prompted our pastor to suggest throwing a surprise birthday party for him.

Our wedding date is March 20, 2015- and since the engagement life has been a whirlwind!

Our desire for this wedding and our marriage is to honor God. Throughout our friendship and relationship we have seen God work miracle after miracle and that has not ceased.

As I look down at my fingers flitting across the keyboard, I can't help but be mesmerized at the little gold ring that now resides on my left ring finger.  I cannot wait to share with you all the things that the Lord has blessed us with and provided for in order to make this wedding happen!


Here are some of our engagement pictures that I took of us! So. In. Love. <3