Any day now.

The news that Iliana and T.J were going to be parents certainly brought surprise and joy, but when they found out that they would actually be welcoming TWO baby boys into the world, there was even greater surprise and tremendous joy. Any day now, Iliana and T.J will welcome into the world their two precious boys, Noah and Braden. 


It was such a joy to witness the love they share in anticipation and giddiness over this next adventure in life. 

Like I told Iliana and T.J, these babies may have come as a surprise to them, but God is NOT surprised. He has wonderful and glorious plans for Noah and Braden. He is knitting them together with love and tenderness. 

My prayer for Iliana is that she will draw close to the heart of Jesus and rest in His comfort and unfailing love. That T.J will look to his heavenly father to draw strength and wisdom in this new season. That they will both grow together, closer together and closer to the heart of God as they navigate through being new parents.  Biblically, Noah was known for his audacious and bold faith. I pray that Noah would walk in just that, in BOLD faith and trust in Jesus. To possess a faith that can move mountains.
One of the meanings of Braden is "wide valley." The Bible says, "Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me." I pray that Braden will be known for his peace and courage in all situations.  That his presence will bring comfort even in situations that seems like a wide valley. 

Amen! I can't wait to meet these precious boys! Any day now!

I love you all so much!