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of Ren is:

That corner drawer in the kitchen filled with forgotten, treasured moments.

It is the $20 bill found in the pocket of a coat during the first cold front of winter.

It is the cathartic exhale at the conclusion of a painfully profound movie.

The electric spark from an accidental brush of fingertips.

The basketball that falls through the hoop after circling the rim.

The feeling of a worn-out flannel against your skin.

The familiar aroma of opening a fresh bag of your favorite roast.

The sun shining while it rains.

It is the first breath of air after coming up from a deep dive.

The glare from the sun in your eyes while driving.

It is a handwritten note tucked away in a book. 

The scar under your chin from your first time falling off your bike.

The courage formed when you got back on.

The Queen greatest hits album found between the seats of the old dodge.

Fingernails with dirt under them and the smell of turned earth.


Of Ren is a collection of life moments. Of Ren is nostalgia. A record, a diary, a log.

A look into the life of Ren.


My name is Catherine, and I am Ren. 

Welcome. I am so excited to release my website and announce the start of my blog. This website has really begun to feel like a part of me, so I almost feel as though I am welcoming you all into my home! Because I always strive to be the hostess with the mostess, I would usually offer fresh baked cookies or coffee, but this is a wee bit different (maybe next time).   

Until then, I really want to welcome everyone and encourage you all to explore! Many of the pictures on the site have some pretty crazy stories related to them, and I can’t wait to tell you guys about them in my upcoming posts. I will be sharing a cornucopia of different things with y'all here, from personal experiences, to stories about my work in Haiti and Mexico, to reflections about what the Lord has been doing in my life.

If you want to know a little bit more about me or about  what of Ren is all about, take a look at the About Me section on the site.

I look forward to posting again next week. Until then, feel free to comment or email. I would love some feedback!

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Catherine Monica

Catherine Monica

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